How It Works

littlefleets offers a turnkey solution to streamline your daily business operations. From scheduling jobs, dispatching, to invoicing and getting online payments. 

Accelerate your invoicing and payment process offering more options for your customers, get signatures on site and upload photos and documents to the app.

If you are a Quickbooks Online user, simply integrate with littlefleets and get your time sheets and travel reports digitized and completed. Error rates have never been so low.

1- Collect Data

After setting up your account, start imputing your customer's profile and workers to start using the software.

2 - Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule jobs and assign them to your employees in seconds using our two-click system. Track your drivers on the Live-Map, and in case of divergence from the suggested route the system will automatically notify the dispatcher.

3 - Technician obtains job details

No more calls from workers asking information about jobs. Automatically notifications will give everything he/she needs to know to get the job done. And in case of flip-phones, an automated tex message will be sent. 

4 - Tracking job & technician profile

Track the progress of your job with live updates directly from the scheduler, your worker can also upload comments and pictures on-site.

Create your worker's profile with ID verification and keep his/her driving history. Each trip will be recorded into their profile, making easier to track their hours on the system.

4 - Job Completed

While on-site the driver will update the job status, collect payments and the digital signature and make another client happy! 

5 - Happy Clients

Littlefleets will safely store the information of all your jobs and transactions, protecting customer information, and tracking the progress of your job.

Why wonder and wait? Let us wazzle and dazzle you!