March 14, 2018

Do the Unexpected - Surprise and Delight Your Customers

Isn’t it a good feeling when you do something unexpected for someone? I've lost the count how many times I've heard the phrase “It’s the little things that matter in the end”. In the beginning, I didn't understand the true power behind those words or beyond that, behind the actions.

It was only when I had to work with other people, like dealing with customers to actually try to understand them that I could fully realize how there’s so much more you could do when it comes to customer service. Most people think that being respectful to your customers and thanking them for whatever reason is enough. It's not.

 One of the reasons why competition in the market is so high nowadays is because consumers are pickier than ever. There’s a ton of companies that offer the same service or product so if you don’t spend some time making sure that every experience that you deliver to your customers is beyond perfect, you’re gonna stay at the end of the line.

Everything starts with a good impression. Remember that mouth-to-mouth is still the most effective marketing tools, so you want people to share how amazing their experience with your company was to their networks.


Start with the most basic step. This is the door of your home to make it easier and inviting by helping your customers find information, using high-quality images and having educational and direct content.


Solve your customer's problems. Having a support number that is accessible and manned by a well-trained team to vital to any business. I know for a fact that for if I have to spend long periods of time explaining a problem and then wait for a solution when I call to a support number, it's most likely that I will not give another chance to that company. The reason is simple and direct- we live in a world where everything happens really fast and often we need to solve several issues at the same time; waiting for hours or even days doesn’t help streamline that process.


 Do you enjoy talking to people who sound like zombies? Nope. Lack of enthusiasm and passion is noticeable from afar. Customers can smell inauthentic behavior so if they are met with anything other than genuine interest, you're already dead in the water. Every interaction needs to have some seasoning- a little bit of salt, maybe some spice and for sure a lot of passion. For each company, the seasoning may be different, but it's fundamentally the same old recipe. Be yourself, invest in your own secret seasoning and interact with your customers like you would at a friends dinner.

I know that sometimes it can be difficult to understand how to delight your customers, but in the end, it's exactly like a dinner: first comes to the appetizers, then the main dish and for last, but most importantly, the dessert.

 Enjoy your dessert!