March 14, 2018

TOP 10 Tips To Provide Better Customer Service For Any Industry

Who never had a bad experience in a store or got a really bad service in a restaurant, or that awesome guy from a telemarketing company that was trying to push every sale that he could?

Everyone has already experienced something like this before, and I’m pretty sure that the feeling wasn’t the best right? I lost the count of how many times I tried to understand poor customer service in different types of industries, and every time I come up with a different theory:

“I was rude to them?”
“They probably have so many problems in their lives, they’re just spitting angry.”
“Bad weather, bad mood.”
“They’re so rich, that at this point I'm just a number for them.” 

Well, the list could it continue endlessly. But the reality is that there are NO EXCUSES. Regardless of the type of contact or relationship that you have with clients, whether it is over the phone, face-to-face, in a restaurant, store or office, people should be treated equally and be respected, good customer service skills is essential for client satisfaction and retention, as well as profitability in any service industry.

A satisfied customer will most likely tell others about your services and products and the good experiences that they had when dealing with your company. The most valuable marketing tool is word of mouth recommendations.

1 - Smile

This is the most simple and often the most powerful tip for customer service (and most other interpersonal interactions).

It might sound weird but smiles are contagious and combine with eye-contact reflects in trust and respect. Providing a welcoming experience will help the customer clients to feel relax and you’ll come across as friendly and approachable, setting the scene for a more positive interaction.

Even if you’re talking to someone on the phone, you can also take advantage of big smiles - you’re voice will sound different and people enjoy to talk to a cheerful and enthusiastic person instead of someone that sound that they just woke up.

2 - Know your customers - You work for them.

Understand your customers by asking them more about their experience, what their names are, and what they’re expecting from your product and your company to offer is the best customer service experience possible. Discover where they came from, help them to get where they need to go. 

3 - Listen - If you don’t listen you will never know their needs. 

Do not be that annoying sales person! It’s very frustrating to the customer when they tried to tell you their pains and the other person just want to push the products and services without even listening to them. Keep in mind that they have the power to decide if they want to stick with you or not, don’t lose a potential customer or even a loyal customer by not listening to their needs.

4 - Be prepared

Being prepared to help and anticipating customer behavior is a skill that every company must master. You dedicate time to learning about your customers and what they want before they actually tell you is the best experience possible. Positioning your brand with knowledge about your clientele is a big change to impress and delight them.

5 - Trust your customers - Be friends.

Build a relationship it’s crucial and not an easy task. They chose you, if you’re focused on the long-term, you’ll have to learn how to trust them too. With so many competitors on the market, customer loyalty is becoming even rarer. It’s a two-way relationship, trust them and they will trust you back.

6 - Get feedback - Are you doing it right?

If you eager to be better you’ll have to stay open-minded and be acceptable with suggestions and critics. Surveys help you to get some information about your product and service but that’s the basic. Getting more interactions and conversations with your clients will develop a habit of always try to get feedback.

7 - Learn Your Business – Be An Expert

Knowing your industry and the products that involve your universe is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of the variety of products that are offered to you and your competitors. Become an expert to learn which product suits which type of customer the best. Your customer will know a lot about you and your product, especially with all the information that is available on several platforms. Yet, make sure that you know more about your business than the customer does. Prepare your team to be able to answer questions about your business or organization even if they are not related to your normal field of work.

If you don’t know the answer to a question then say so and tell them that you’ll if find somebody who does know the answer and will get back to them.

8 - Only say what you can deliver. 

Remember that trust and loyalty that we talked before? Well, it came back. If you slightly think that you can’t do or deliver something to a client, don’t ever, EVER, EVER say that you can. Doesn’t matter if is something related to deadlines or any other promises. Is not even shameful for you, but all that time that you took to build a relationship with your customer goes to the drain.

9 - Delight your customer

Making your customer feel appreciated is crucial. People only keep memorable experiences, when you focus on delivering to them your time and effort to make them fell better, is just a matter of collecting the perks of your work. Treat every customer as a person, appreciating their time and their business.

10 - Be better - don’t accommodate. 

Last but not least. There’s always room for improvement, use the feedback that you receive from your clients and used as an advantage to upgrading your services and products. Commitment with always deliver the best for your customers is the key to standing out in the market.