The App

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How to sign up and log in

Once your worker have been invited to the app, he can download the app from Google Play Store app or the Apple Store store to begin using our hand-held mobile app.

- Start by signing up as a worker. Click “Register”.

Add the email that the invitation was created with, and create a password. Press “Register” to sign up.

Day View

This is the main page, your day view. It shows all the jobs you are assigned to and all the relevant information. You can toggle the days using the arrows, and clock in by pressing “Start Day”.

Calendar View

Click on the Calendar icon on the top left will bring you to the calendar view. This is an easy way to navigate to other dates.

Clicking on the clock icon on the top left will bring you back to the day view once again.

Start Working

Once you are ready to begin, press “Start Day”. This will display you as an active worker on the dispatcher web portal, and display your current location.

Please remember to enable your GPS for the location tracking to work. You can see the button change content to “Start Job”, and the“start break” button being enabled.

Start Job

To start your next job, press “Start Job”. This will update the job status, and create a time-card for your dispatcher to be notified. Once you have finished the job, you can press “End Job”.

Start Break

Breaks is a good way to keep track of your breaks in between jobs. You can start breaks as long as you are not in the middle of a job.

Once you finish all your assigned jobs, you can complete your day. Simply press “End Day” to stop getting track and clock out.

View Assigned Jobs

Click on the job box to see more information on that job. You can add photos, add comments(which is the best way to communicate with the office regarding a job) and collect payment if your company has e-payment features enabled.


On each job, the dispatcher and worker can publish comments. Here you can see previous comments and add new ones.

Collect Work Orders (Estimates)

You can collect estimates and work orders for each job. By clicking “Add Work Order”, at the bottom of the job page, you will see a form to create a new estimate.

See Notifications

Notifications tab give you a aggregated list of notifications you have received. You can look at it to see changes to the job you are assigned to, or when the dispatch has assigned or unassigned you to different jobs.